Every Time I Remember

Our lives are full of memories. Early in life, we begin collecting our memories. Our memories are a mixture of both the good and bad experiences of life. Some memories we cherish like rare gifts, while other memories we wish we could erase. As someone once said, “Memories warm you up from the inside. But theyContinue reading “Every Time I Remember”

You’ll Ruin Your Dinner

Many a mother and father have told their children to stop snacking so close to dinner time because they will ruin their dinner. Now the dinner itself will be fine. However, the child’s appetite will be satisfied with snack food rather than a full and more complete dinner meal. When it comes time to eat,Continue reading “You’ll Ruin Your Dinner”

May I Put You on Hold?

We’ve all made those phone calls to businesses when the person answering the phone asks, “may I put you on hold?” It usually means that they will be doing something that requires them to ask you to wait. With the click of a button on their end, you are on hold. Sometimes there is silence while youContinue reading “May I Put You on Hold?”

Choose the Better Way

Regardless of which candidate wins the next presidential election, we as a nation have already lost. We lost some time ago. Regardless of who is the next president, our country will remain divided. There have always been differences, but now the division has turned ugly. We’ve stopped seeing one another as fellow citizens and haveContinue reading “Choose the Better Way”

Under the Influence

Most often, when we hear the phrase “under the influence,” we think of individuals whose behavior has been influenced by alcohol or drugs.  We also tend to think of individuals under the influence of such substances while behind an automobile’s wheel.  We have read plenty of tragic stories where automobile accidents and death have resultedContinue reading “Under the Influence”

How Will We Know It’s You?

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, curbside service at restaurants has become popular.  You place your order on your phone or online, pull into specially mark parking, and text the restaurant to let them know you are there.  In some cases, you tell them the kind of car you are driving and its color as several peopleContinue reading “How Will We Know It’s You?”

Stump Speech

In a campaign season for political office, we become quite accustomed to candidates making speeches.  Sometimes they are called a stump speech.  A political stump speech is a standard speech used by a politician running for office.  In such a speech, the candidate usually reiterates their talking points, several things they want to accomplish orContinue reading “Stump Speech”

Border Crossings

We hear a lot about border crossings today.  A border checkpoint is a place, generally between two countries, where travelers or goods are inspected. Authorization often is required to enter a country through its borders. Access-controlled borders often have a limited number of checkpoints where one can cross without legal sanctions.  In the United States,Continue reading “Border Crossings”